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Maria Fusco


Various locations

2017 - 18

As part of ‘Dialecty’, The Common Guild and Book Works will commission six new chapbooks, drawn from open submission and invitation, which will be published throughout 2018. The deadline for submissions is 16 October 2017 – for more information and application form click here.

"I am for adjectives like beezer, dreich, quare, and nouns like clart, drouth, gleed, mizzle, oxters, scoot-hole, smoor, and verbs like boke, fissle, greet, hunker, swither, and adverbs like furnenst."

'Dialecty' is a new project conceived by writer Maria Fusco considering the critical uses of vernacular forms of speaking and writing. The project explores the occurrences and potential uses of dialect words, syntax and language within the field of contemporary art and question traditional orthodoxies of creative and critical writing within contemporary art.

Fusco writes “I am for non-standard English language as a legitimate and enriching form of critical and creative writing which does not take modalities of criticality as given, rather it tends to, and experiments with non-division between practice and theory, criticism and creativity."

The project includes a cycle of events, a series of commissioned publications and a major new performance, all taking shape across 2017 and 2018.

Funded by the University of Edinburgh.

Image: Student preparing 1950 Revel decorations, painting the mouth of a paper mache dinosaur head.
© Edinburgh College of Art

Event / Maria Fusco presents Lisa Robertson*
Event / Maria Fusco presents Lauren Hall-Lew*
Event / Maria Fusco presents Dr Scott Hames
Room for Reading

*Audio recorded and available to listen online

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