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Anne Hardy


21 Woodlands Terrace, Glasgow G3 6DF

6 June – 16 August 2015

‘TWIN FIELDS’ was Anne Hardy’s first exhibition in Scotland and her most ambitious project to date.

The exhibition took the whole gallery as a landscape, within which were two large ‘twinned’ sculptural structures. Hardy describes these as attempts to make “illusions that you can enter”. These identical volumes reveal their making but not, at first, their contents. Filled with an accumulation of materials and sounds, the sculptural structures created images through a language of component parts.

Hardy is interested in what she describes as “the kind of space that is just there, next to you, and you don’t see it”.

In a practice that spans photography, sculptural installation and audio, Hardy constructs environments that hover between depiction and abstraction. Staging our encounters with these spaces through careful composition of physical and audio landscapes and precisely controlled perspectives, she immerses us in spaces that are at once functional and illusory.

This multi-part exhibition offered a total environment that enveloped the viewer, suggesting images, associations and relationships, both actual and imagined.

Photography by Anne Hardy and Angus Mill.

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Anne Hardy
'Two Joined Fields' (interior view), 2013
Courtesy of the artist and Maureen Paley, London.

Supported by

The Elephant Trust
Maureen Paley, London

Publication / 'TWIN FIELDS / FIELD / Fieldworks'
Artist Talk*
Exhibition Talk / Dr. Dominic Paterson
Exhibition Talk / Dr. Stephen Burn*
Exhibition Talk / Sally O'Reilly*
Roundtable Conversation

*Audio recorded and available to listen online


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