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Ulla von Brandenburg

‘Sink Down Mountain, Rise Up Valley’

Langside Hall, 5 Langside Ave, Glasgow G41 2QR

30 – 31 January 2016

Saturday 30 & Sunday 31 January 6pm

The Common Guild is delighted to announce our first project of 2016; a new performance by renowned German artist Ulla von Brandenburg.

Described as "a play for five actors and a chorus", 'Sink Down Mountain, Rise Up Valley' is inspired by the rituals of the Saint-Simonian commune, founded in the immediate aftermath of the French Revolution. The movement, to which von Brandenburg was drawn by their progressive attitudes to female equality in society, sought to eradicate any kind of inherited privilege. Instead they proposed a levelling of society, alluded to by the title of the piece.

The invitation to discover the ritual activities of this closed community has never been more pertinent. While in-part clothed in the fashion of historical re-enactment, Ulla von Brandenburg’s project offers contemporary parallels, echoing the tensions sparked when strong ideologies clash with other belief systems. When does benevolent intent become problematic? While the welcome and the embrace of the community is undoubtedly warm, what are the effects of this brotherhood and how complicit do we become in their activities?

Von Brandenburg’s practice as an artist constitutes a rich range of media, stitching together drawing, painting, installation, performance and film. This approach is founded by her desire to remove boundaries from both material and time in her work, producing timeless experiences nourished by sources drawn from across European cultural heritage.

'Sink Down Mountain, Rise Up Valley' will be presented as a live promenade performance in the particular surroundings of Langside Hall, Queens Park, Glasgow. The production was written and designed by Ulla von Brandenburg in collaboration with Benoît Résillot. The choral accompaniment was written by Ulla von Brandenburg and Joachim Saxenborn and will be performed by the all-female Eurydice Choir, conducted by Rachel Argo.

Originally commissioned as part of Fondation de France's Nouveaux Commanditaires initiative for the Saint-Simoniens residence in Ménilmontant. Work produced with the support of the Fondation de France and the Fonds de dotation Famille Moulin, Paris, and Fondation d’entreprise Galeries Lafayette, Paris

'Sink Down Mountain, Rise Up Valley' was first performed at the Kaaitheater, Brussels as part of Performatik festival 2015. A site-specific filmed performance was produced by kim? Contemporary Art Centre, Riga, and presented at Pilar Corrias Gallery, London and Performa Festival, New York.

The work was performed by Pierre Casadei, Lucienne Deschamps, Duncan Evennou, Giuseppe Molino and Benoît Résillot. Costume design and production by London College of Fashion, MA Costume Design for Performance: Bronya Arciszewska, Maria Bruder, Viola Cesa de Marchi, Maria Costa, Oliver Cronk, Daphne Karstens, Pallavi Patel, Yufan Xiao. Costume coordination by Alexander Ruth, Agnes Treplin. Production coordinator Sabine Tarry.

Tickets are priced £8 (concessions £5) and are available via Eventbrite.

Estimated running time: 90 minutes

Courtesy Art : Concept, Paris

Ulla von Brandenburg
'Baisse-toi Montagne, Lève-toi Vallon', 2015
Kaaitheater, Bruxelles
Image courtesy of the artist
© Robin Zenner

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Primer / Ulla von Brandenburg
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